This is the Introduction

You may be wondering what this blog is all about. Maybe you like dirt. Maybe you like wine. I like them both. This blog will have my unedited tasting notes on the wines I taste on a day to day basis and my opinion about things,

I grew up in the glamorous world of international wine and spirits sales. On a typical day in my youth, I would run into the house fresh from exploring the local ravine (sweaty, probably late) and be confronted with a room full of elegant guests sipping cocktails in the living room. Everyone would be properly introduced and when it was time we would gather around a well set table and eat one of my mom’s great meals. Wine would flow and conversation would too and no matter if it were John Tanqueray, or Norman Gilchrist (the one eyed pirate who inspired my interest in wine) or Pierre Lanson, people were always the same. They had wonderful stories to tell about their travels and their families and they shared them with laughter and love.

That was where I learned people are all the same and all different. Just like wine. We come from the earth in family groups. We sprout here with everything else. We live. We die. …and the only thing that means anything are the connections we share, the stories we live and the way we treat every living thing around us. I believe in humanity. What I don’t believe in are borders and prisons. To me, the law is, “respect all life”, because everything is interconnected. Great things grow from this earth and winemaking at its’ best is just such a fine example of that. I can’t help it. It’s in my blood.
I’m a sommelier. I work at BiBO, the smallest wine bar in Canada. There will most likely be some funny stories from the bar as strange things happen there on a fairly regular basis.
After nine years behind the bar, I’m travelling to find the most interesting people in the world of wine. I want to meet the guests that I would like to have at my table, but it’s more than that. I want to find the outcasts, the weirdos, the freaks… the people who aren’t afraid to do it their way and stumble and fall and laugh at it all. I want to meet their families, friends and eat at their favorite restaurants and I want to film it all along the way with good people that inspire me.
So, THE DIRT ON WINE is also about the journey to getting an unscripted series produced and on the air… and if it gets on the air, it will be a bit of a travel diary too.
So. That’s how weird I am. When I publish my own personal tasting notes here, please don’t be offended by anything I write. When I taste, I just record what goes through my circus-like mind. So that’s what you’ll be reading if you’ve made it this far. I hope you will be entertained by THE DIRT ON WINE, or at the very least you’ll find my notes useful. I will include cspc numbers when possible and a low-med-high scale for price
 ($ 10-20… $$ 20-50… $$$anything over that.)
p.s. There will be a place for you to leave your comments should you be so inspired.

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