The Wine Syndicate

So, my friend Christopher from The Wine Syndicate dropped by to let me taste some of their wines. He’s an ex-chef who has great wine knowledge and lots of good products to sell. We started with:

Little Yering 2011 Chardonnay
This 100% Charonnay comes from the Yarra Valley in Australia from Victoria’s first winery (est 1838). It’s a clear light straw colour. The nose gives up fresh buttered corn, fresh white peaches and tangy tangerine. There’s just a hint of oak. The first sip is a creamy, tangy attack with a nice, even, rhubarb-like acidity. It’s mouthwatering, with a good, even finish. +725998 $ Great value!

Little Yering 2012 Pinot Noir

A light, clear ruby hue. There’s a light juniper hint on the nose with lime and basil. It’s a sort of soapy scent on a bright, cherry background. I get a balanced, acidic attack with a soft, fresh, tannic profile that seems to ride on a subtle, fruity sled. There’s an ever so slight earthiness with a medium long finish. Nice.+737369 $ A bargain!

Chris had been promising to bring me this Chianti and today was the day I finally got to taste:

Rodano Chianti Classico 2008

Glistening garnet hue. This wine gets 18 – 20 months in french oak casks. It has the cigar and faithful old sweater smell that I associate with Chianti in general. It’s a dirty-sweet nose with bitter almond and cherry notes. Lovely, even attack. perfect balance of fruit/tannin and acidity. Silken, just gorgeous mid palate with a long earthy finish. It’s the waiting room to Chianti heaven. Love it. +758945 $

Halos di Jupiter Gigondas 2009 from Philippe Cambie

Clear mid-ruby hue. I smell wet dirt, anise, black licorice and charred applewood. It shares a bright, fruity attack, lean and balanced with lovely, middle of the way tannins. Chewy and firm. Enticing balance and great length. Gorgeous, dry mid palate and sweet notes of spice on the outside edges. With 80% Grenache and 20% Mourvedre it shows, in the most beautiful way, how a touch of Mourvedre can make Grenache really shine. +574806 $$

The Offering Sans Liege 2011.

Made by Curt Schalchlin who’s story is well worth investigating. This wine has a deep ruby hue. It’s component parts are Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and a hint of Viognier. I get lush black plum and red berry fruit on the nose. There are layers and layers of red plum and rhubarb with vanilla and strawberry highlights. The first sip is a giant strawberry cream pie only with dry, chewy tannins that carry a lengthy finish of red currant, plum, stinging acidity and pretty fruit. +767158 $$ Don’t miss this wine. Pick it up if you see it!

Macauley Zinfandel from old vines 2008

Deep, deep ruby hue. Pretty black plum and dark blackberry notes on a creamy vanilla and hazelnut backdrop. Big sweet fruit on the palate buoyed by tangy blackberry/blueberry interest. Beautiful fruit and tannic balance. Big long finish and lovely, stemmy aftertaste. +734543 $$$

Castiglione del Bosco Brunello di Montalcino 2009.

Pretty mid ruby/garnet hue. I get a hint of chlorine and sea salt with notes of red currant and black licorice. Very delicate and elegant aromas of red and black plum. Strafing, astringent attack. Sticky tannins coat the teeth and lead to a balanced persistent finish. Lovely, elegant and gorgeous.Heartbreaking. A treat. +749075 $$$

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