My last tasting of the week was with another old friend, Mr. Brian Allen. It’s always fun to taste with Brian because we’ve known each other since the eighties when he ran The Wine Line out in Sherwood Park. We talked a bit about the fact that, when people like a wine, they always want to know where to get it. Of course, the next day, Brian had dropped off a sheet with a list of most of the stores in Edmonton that carry the wines we tasted and I will include them with this post.

The other way of finding the wine you’re looking for in Alberta is to go to and type in the name of the wine. The site will ask for a location or postal code and once you’ve entered that, you will very quickly, have a list of stores near you that have (at least once) ordered the wine you want. Be advised though, that sometimes a store orders a case for a licensee or other customer and does not have the wine on the shelf. Always call first!

With that said, let’s get to the notes:

Recuerdo Torrentes 2011

This Argentinian wine is from a project backed by the good folks at Blackbird vineyards in Napa. Their Pomeral inspired wines are legendary, so I was excited to try their offerings from South America. As always, we start with the colour, which is a clear glistening light gold with a hint of green. Earthy soft melon notes on the nose with maybe a touch of dill and peony flowers. Heavy, satiny attack, backed up by good, even acidity and wonderful, mouth-watering fruit. A big flowery mouthful. Easy to drink. (90pts Wine Advocate) +749047 $ Available at Sunterra and Baseline in Sherwood Park,

Koyle Costa Sauvignon Blanc 2012

From Colchagua Costa in Chile, It’s organic, biodynamic wine that’s aged one-third in stainless steel, one-third in concrete egg and one-third in oak barrels. It’s a clear, bright greenish/gold. An earthy, lemon/lime nose with hints of apricot and cold steel. Dense, earthy acidic opening, evolving to fresh juicy yellow plum fruit and seriously tastes like ripe gooseberries (I know, it’s cliche but…) Nice long finish. Good food wine! +759911 $$ Available at Aligra and Sunterra

Waimea Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Family Estate Wines

From Nelson, New Zealand, it’s a super clear greenish gold. Big, freshly picked corn on the nose! Dill and raw ground beef make an appearance too. The opening is lush, bright and acidic with herbaceous notes of dill and creamed corn. Creamy and delightful with enough acidity to serve with dishes with cream sauce. Nice long, even finish. Atypical in a good way. +753419 $ Available at Sunterra, Winterburn Liquor and Rosslyn

Cameron Hughes Lot 459 2012 Columbia Valley, Washington State

30% Chenin Blanc, 70% Riesling, it’s very clear, very light golden green. Rhubarb/raspberry greet you on the nose followed by spicy fresh pear and citrus. The opening attack is spicy and sweet with perfectly balanced acidity and luscious stone fruit, o.m.g.! Delicious, off-dry mid palate that brightens toward the finish with really good acidity. The winemaker says the Chenin Blanc rides on the windshield of your tongue and then the Riesling comes in like a windshield wiper and takes it away with acidity enough to reinvigorate the palate. My taste buds are excited!. Cameron Hughes’ motto is, “Extraordinary wine, extraordinary value” and this wine is no exception. +765167 $ Such a crazy deal . Available at Vines, Sherbrooke, 7 Degrees, Aligra, Glenora Liquor, Rosslyn and Sunterra

Cameron Hughes Lot 405 2012 Pinot Noir

Clear, light ruby. Big creme brulee nose with roasted marshmallow notes and pretty bright cherry angels floating around. Chewy bright cherry attack with smoky campfire notes. Gorgeous acidity with an awesome silken balance on the mid palate and a lingering, ever-changing aftertaste way back of the molars, Beautiful. Really quite spectacular. A star. If you love Pinot, you need this wine. It won’t last long on the shelves. +760010 on the low side of $$ Available at Vines, Keg and Cork, Bin 104, Sherbrooke,7 Degrees, Rosslyn and Sunterra

Cedar Creek Syrah/Cabernet Franc 2010

Deep satin ruby. Smells like raspberry creme caramel. Nice unique blend out of the good old Okanagan. Spicy nutmeg and cinnamon with big notes of earth and black plum skin. Dense dark opening of black fruit and forest floor. Brian smells candy apples and I think he’s right. This is a big elegant mouthful that wraps around the palate and holds on tight. Relentless. Love it. +757477 $$ Great. Available at Keg & Cork, Rosslyn, Sherbrooke and Sunterra

Recuerdo Malbec 2012 Uco Valley Mendoza, Argentina

Recuerdo means, “memory” and these wines are named after the fact that the winemakers believe that every good wine should create a memory for the person drinking it… and this one does! It’s a deep, dark, dense ruby. Dusty velvet curtains drenched with cassis and black plum. It’s like a dark berry circus on the nose! Big, juicy,tannic attack that grabs the molars and shakes them hard! Just giant Malbec fruit. An inky big mouthful. Full on, with a surprisingly elegant finish. Alot of finesse. Totally worth a look – even for Malbec haters. Great! (90 points Wine Advocate) +749046 $$ Available at Bin 104, Vines and Co-op

It’s possible that some of these wines are available at other stores, but you can find out by trying the A.G.L.C Product finder at the link above. Also, after each wine, you’ll notice the C.S.P.C. code (+ sign followed by a 6 digit number) and these can be used to find your wine as well.

Happy hunting!

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