Winter Whites

Last night, Warren was up from Calgary and we tasted a bunch of really great wine. So many, that I am breaking them down into a few coherent groups. Today’s segment is winter whites.
Usually at BiBO, I start to whittle down the number of whites on the bar, but for normal consumers, this is the time of year to find those perfect white wines for food and celebration. These fit the bill:
V3 from Bodegas Menade, their Vinhas Viejas Viera 2009
It’s from 140 year old vines on their own root stocks so it’s something very rare. The colour is solid gold. It has an oaky, herbaceous nose with fresh orange thyme and lemon cream. Mm! The solid, savoury opening has a creamy mouth feel and elegant finish. It’s dry with firm notes of well integrated oak. This is one even strict Chardonnay lovers would go for! +744297 $$ 6 packs
Champ Divin Southern Jura 2010 Cuvee Castor
The make up is half Chardonnay and half Savagnin (a local Jura varietal). It has a stinky, ,meaty nose of fresh-cut pumpkin guts on all Hallow’s Eve. Steely, toasty attack, firmly acidic with loads of fruit to balance. It has an earthy, slaty backbone and a super elegant mouth feel. SO much going on. It’s a savoury, delicious, perfect cheese wine. +754010 $$
La Bastide St. Dominique Cotes du Rhone Blancs 2011
Light lemon gold hue. Aromas of fresh-cut peach, corn, apricot, lemon, tangerine and pineapple! Big fresh pineapple. Lovely, fruity, very dry attack. It’s lush and restrained at once. A subtle punch in the mouth. It digs in way far back on the palate and clings there, evolving and changing and daring you to take another sip. Amazing! Half Viognier, with the other half filled in with Clairette Blanche and Grenache Blanche. Lovely and oily +736310 $$ A bargain really. A lot of wine for the money.

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