Last night happy hour at BiBO was crazy. Shane came in to train with me and the bar was packed with guests. You can only imagine what it is like with two people working behind that bar. With less than a meter in width and everything set up for a one man show, having an extra pair of hands helps but it really is chaotic and I’d hate to see Shane’s toes today. I stepped on them at least ten times. Luckily, he’s cheerful and resilient.

At the peak of the rush, one of my reps, Lisa came in and asked,”Did you get my email?” I hadn’t. My day had been almost as crazy as the evening so I hadn’t checked my emails. Anyway, I asked her to set up in the back room and when I finally got a minute I went back to see her.

Lisa’s a great rep. As if she were psychic, she had just three wines for me. The notes are below but I have to explain about dumbness. Sometimes, at certain points in the life of a wine, you can open it to drink and when you go to inhale the aroma you get… nothing. This is called a dumb phase. It’s almost always short-lived, but as wine is a living thing, you know, it happens. Or, as sommeliers are living things, some nights you go to taste wines and through no fault in the wine you get… nothing. Or very little. Which is what happened to me last night. The wines below were all tasty, balanced and well made (and bargain priced!!) but for whatever reason, my nose was dumb. :{ It happens. Here are the notes, with apologies for their brief nature:

Trivento Reserve Malbec 2013

Dark ruby. Rich blackberry, blueberry, candle wax. Shane gets coffee and black plum. Big astringent attack opening to bitter plum skin and leathery notes of cassis. +730714 $

Trivento Reserve Cabernet/Malbec 2013

Deep ruby. Cassis and wet cardboard with talcum powder note. Nice chewy attack with good balance of fruit and acidity. Soft tannins. Nice, easy, drinky with a good finish. +492710 $

Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2012

Plush dark ruby cassis and dill. (I wrote,”I’m a little dumb – not getting much today.” 😦 ) Tart blueberry. Lush, richly tannic attack. Big black fruit, dark plum and prune with notes of rainwater and blackberry. +711402 $$ 6 packs

Trivento is the Argentinian arm of the wonderful Concha y Toro house (the largest producer of wines in Latin America. Based in Chile) and these wines are well worth the effort to find. I promise I will re-taste on my own so that I can offer a more complete profile when I’m not so dumb.

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