You Won’t BeLieve the Bargains!!!

My old pal Jason was in last night and brought me five gems to try. Every one was delicious and good and every single one represents amazing value for money. In fact I mentally over-estimated the wholesale cost of each wine by at least ten dollars. You gotta try these. We tasted:

Joseph Mellot Sincerite Sauvignon Blanc 2013

This one is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the good old Loire Valley from a family owned estate they’ve been farming for the last five hundred years. 500 years of history! They’ve got it right.It’s a shiny clear gold with aromas of mandarin orange peel, sandalwood, wet sand and freshly sliced mango. A tangy, sunny attack that sinks into the tongue and causes a gushing of saliva. Luscious. Jason gets something like pear-apple. I get wet sand and I love it! Elegant and bright. +481952 $ Insane value! A bargain at twice the price!

Les Terraces Regis Boucabeille 201

This vineyard in the Cotes du Roussillon was the result of a hare-brained idea to replant the eleven terraces on a hillside where the best wines for centuries in the region had originated. The place went from abandoned scrubland to ideal organic hillside vineyard. The gamble must have worked! This wine is a velvet mid-dark ruby. Smells of cherry pie, vetiver, snap-dragon, geranium and wet clay. It has a dense, dry attack that opens to lush chewy tannins that finish a wayyy back of the palate and on into the throat. Really good. Amazing depth with no use of oak. 50% Black Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Carignane. Very love. Find this. You will not be sorry. $

Domaine Boucabeille Cotes du Roussillon Villages “Monte Nero” 2012

Deep black ruby vinyl hue. Aromas of new ground sheet, blueberry, black cherry, baby powder and black licorice. Seductive, lush attack of dark fruit, scratchy tannins and beautiful expressive acidity. It opens to chewy black plum skin and wet stone. Mmm! So compelling, with deep tooth-staining complexity and a long vinous finish. 70% Black Grenache,30% Syrah. Great deal (6 packs). Put this under the tree. It’s special +621144 $$

Domaine Grand Romane Gigondas 2011

Another wine with a great history. Made by Pierre Amadou whose grandfather was instrumental in 1971 in raising the wines of Gigondas up from simply Cotes du Rhone Villages, to their own A.O.C. of Gigondas. Now known as one of the truly great Rhone wines. Perfect mid-ruby hue. Notes of smashed strawberries, tobacco, black licorice, anise, dill and night-blooming stocks. Dense, dry, tannic attack that opens to a dizzying herbaceousness. The tannins dig and scrape at the palate all the way down the back of the throat. It’s dense and the finish is long and evolving, changing from moment to moment. Love it. 65% Black Grenache,  20% Mourvedre, 15% Syrah. Another great deal +874883 $$ This wine will still be awesome ten years and more from now.

Trim 2012 California Cabernet Sauvignon

Jason notes that it isn’t really fair to follow the Gigondas with this entry-level Cabernet from the Signorello’s of Napa Valley fame, but we’re professionals so here goes!  Deep ruby-garnet. Splashy big blackberry, blueberry and plum aromas laced with a touch of vanilla, parsley and chalk. Delicious dark berry attack with raspberry edges and lush, fresh, plummy fruit. Nice soft, easy tannins and a playful, compelling finish. Delish! 82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 3% Malbec. This is great everyday wine! $

So, you should probably get shopping! Don’t forget. You can use the AGLC product finder to get to these awesome wines!

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