I try to keep my appointments with wine reps down to one a day, but every now and then I end up with two tastings on the same day. Luckily most of the reps are good friends, as was the case on Tuesday night when Hayley from Vendemmia arrived on the heels of Jason’s visit. Luckily, Jason ordered some truffled popcorn so he could stay and taste a couple of Hayley’s wines.

We started with:

Feudi di San Gregorio DUBL Sparkling Falanghina

(Fal-an-jeen-a) … one of my favorite white grapes, it’s an ancient varietal found mostly in Italy in Campania. It’s reputed to be the grape that was the basis of the famous Falernian wines of Roman times. I was excited, because I’d never tried a sparkling Falanghina! This one comes from one of the most prestigious wineries in Campania Feudi di San Gregorio. Even better, I learned about Jacques Selosse, the infamous winemaker that was instrumental in bringing natural farming back to Champagne. This wine is a joint project between San Gregorio and M. Selosse and the results are magical. It’s made using the Methode Champenoise and is hand riddled (one of the many processes that make wines made in the traditional method so expensive to produce). It’s a very clear light straw colour with great fine perlage (bubbles). The nose is creamy, orange cream, (actually CREAMSICLE!) with notes of chalk and anise. Great. Firmly acidic, toasty, yeasty attack. The bubbles are so persistent they almost sting. It’s awesome and wildly flavourful. Sexy as all get out! Mmm! +738426 $$ comes in 6 packs. The perfect wine for all your upcoming toasts. Love, love, love.

Planeta Cometa Sicilia 2011

Pretty clear gold, lush Chardonnay like nose, west coast, 100% Fiano, whose name comes from Vitis Apiano or wine beloved of bees. There are notes of fresh corn and peachy citrus. 10% of this wine is fermented in large oak vats, while the other 90% bubbles away in stainless steel. I get a hint of botrytis the famous nectrotrophic fungus that makes Sauternes so great. Anyway, it’s a lovely complex nose. A deep luscious attack. Big, big peachy fruit and big ballsy acidity with a delicate hint of vanilla on the finish. That is one big bombastic white. I LOVe this. A lot. + 634253 $$ available in 6 packs. Oh, heaven.

HEBA Fattoria di Magliano Morellino di Scansano

(Hey-ba) is 5% Syrah and 95% Morellino (the local name for Sangiovese) Bright cherry hue, the nose is all Christmas cake when the hard-sauce melts on it. Full of dark cherry, dried fig, anise and bluebell, it spends 6 months in cement vats and 6 months in bottle prior to release. It presents a big dry attack that causes the squirting of saliva with its’ racy acidity. Very sexy. Very classy.  +718659 the low side of $$

Feudi di San Gregorio Taurasi 2009

Named Taurasi because the 30 to 40-year-old vines of Aglianico that produce this wine grow right next to the town of Taurasi. Dark black ruby. I get black licorice and wax crayons, leather and spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. The attack is reminiscent of blue cheese and walnuts. It displays a beautiful, even acidity and silken tannins. Delicious bright cherry fruit and a dry balanced palate of chalk and everything else. Lovely, elegant and unique. Love it. +738400 $$ 6 packs!

Maculan Dindarello 2013

This is a late harvest Moscato made from dried grapes. It’s got a bright clear golden amber colour. Insanely dense nose of white, pink and coral roses with a hint of lavender and peaches. A sweet, brightly acidic attack with a touch of licorice, but it’s all honey’d apricot and iced tea. Pretty and delicious. Love, love, love. It’s Moscato squared. This one actually made me drool a little bit. 200ml bottles +708547 $$ The perfect end to a perfect meal.

I guess if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will have come to the conclusion that I would make a terrible wine critic. I’m lucky. I get to taste a lot of great wine but I could never be a critic. I’m too much of a wine lover!

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