Lucky Agency Lands Leading Lady

My appointment yesterday was with one of the most well-respected reps in the province. She worked for years with a small, independently owned agency and built a strong customer base for them, leaving to take care of her family just last year.

When she emailed me for an appointment last week I was thrilled. The company she’s working for now is owned by an old name in the Alberta scene. He’s a good guy with good wines but has, in the past employed young, untested reps that would show up with no appointment and a trunk-full of wines with no real coherent plan and little or no follow-up.

Val showed up right on schedule with a typed list of the wines she had with her including descriptions and technical information. The consummate professional, she brought only one white knowing I don’t need many white wines for the winter season. We tasted:

Andreas Bender Weissburgunder 2013

Weissburgunder is a synonym for Pinot Blanc. This one is grown in Mosel on steep slopes that offer a range of different soil types. It is super clear, almost colourless light greenish. Aromas of light lemon tea and lemon meringue pie with back notes of flinty steel. Nice tangy acidic attack, off dry peachy palate. Mouth-watering and delicious. Really good. I like it a lot. +755686 low-end of $$

Lucien Lardy Cotes du Py Morgon 2013

Glistening mid ruby hue. Pretty raisiny nose with hot steel and cherry pie. Lovely splashy middleweight attack that opens to soft tannins and nice firm acidity. Good finish and great length. Great. Super fun. +762669 $$ Available @ Keg n Cork.

Domaine Richard Rottiers Moulin a Vent 2013

From a young passionate winemaker with a passion for organic viticulture this gem is a vivid dark mid-ruby shade. Spicy dark nose with hints of cinnamon, cardamom and beef gravy. Tense, tannic attack that skins the teeth and leaves a lovely, beautifully structured, fruity mid-palate balanced with a firmly acidic finish. Great food wine, dry and elegant. +767615 $$

Aglianico Borgo di Colloredo 2010 from Molise

Shiny dark mid-ruby hue. Big oily fruity nose of black plum and blueberry, menthol and juniper.. Big firm dry fruity attack. Velvet tannins with a scrapey dry mid palate and a good long finish. It’s been on the bar at BiBO before and it’s still great. +755661 $$

Domaine de L’Amaure Vin de Pays de Vaucluse 2012

Glistening mid ruby hue. Tarte tatin! Pastry and baked apple, cinnamon, nutmeg and walnut. Silky dry attack. Elegant and softly tannic. A pretty mouthful. Super sophisticated. Lovely. +765285 $ Insane value – order! @ Color di Vino, City Cellars, Petrolia, Crestwood.

Tenuta Montecchiesi Selverello Cortona Syrah 2013

Deep ruby hue. Cortona is the only DOC for Syrah in all of Italy. Lush black plum, blackberry, black licorice. Dark, dark, dark. Super black licorice. Delicious splashy dark fruit attack. Great balance and length. Black plum skin and blackberry fruit. Firmly acidic, nice long finish. Fun and delightful! +765365 $$ Great deal!

Massimago Profasio 2011

50% of  the grapes for this wine are treated to a true appassimento drying. They are blended with the other half of the harvested grapes as this winemaker’s answer to ripasso wines. Together at last, the wine is aged for one year in french barriques and six months in bottle before release. Dark mid-ruby hue. Delicate nose of strawberry and engine oil, tobacco, fenugreek and cedar. Silken dry attack with notes of dried fig and prune, bitter almond and old wool sweater. Love it! +756904 $$

So that’s that. I hope that these two industry veterans will enjoy a long and prosperous business relationship in the coming years. I think that my colleagues would agree that anyone lucky enough to have Val representing their wines would be wise to do whatever they can to keep her!

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