Last Chance to Vote for THE DIRT ON WINE!

It’s been a whirlwind of a month! From an off-hand comment by Mister Dixon at the bar, “Hey did you see the telus storyhive thing?”, to a few texts back and forth with director Mike and we were in it. A funding competition to get our passion project produced.

You might have seen the constant tweets and facebook posts and even a plea here to “help The Dirt on Wine!”. Maybe you heard us (gobsmacked) on CBC Edmonton A.M., but today is the last one. I’m not sure what place we’re in. So many people have been kind enough to check out our video and then go through all the awkward steps to vote. You can do it too if want at

…don’t forget that last capital T…it doesn’t work if you do without it..

Anyway, I keep trying to imagine what it would be like to actually be making this series. I know my life would change quite quickly. We’d be travelling and filming everything. I guess I’d be in constant communication with the wineries we want to see and researching more and weirder wineries all the time and you know what? That sounds great to me. I know, the travel could be wearying and the guests might not be as weird on film as on paper, but I’ve got this ache inside to get out there and start doing it!

I’ve been a project starter all my life, I even used to have a sight called Pretty Feet Diary that I thought I could make some money on but that fizzled out pretty quickly. I got tired of shooting feet.

Mostly these days I paint. I write. I sing (but only when no one’s around!)… but this project has me in its’ clutches.

I think it’s because in a way it  has been with me all my life. I used to love it when I would come home from playing and my parents would be having a drink with some wine person or other. Or maybe it would be John Tanqueray of the famous Gin house. It didn’t matter who it was really because we would sit down at my Mother’s table and that was when the stories really got started. I loved to hear about the high-jinks at the winery or how the dog got into the mash. I just love people’s stories. I want more.

So this is the last pitch. Voting ends today… if you haven’t voted or if you have more than one email account you can vote from or if your great Aunt Sadie has a computer you can vote from… well, you get the idea. I don’t know how this is all going to play out, but I’ll bet there’s a story in there.


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