The Art of Disappointment

So the numbers are in and our project is out. The telus storyhive has spoken. After weeks of prodding and cajoling nearly everyone we know to go through the cumbersome process of voting online and after weeks of waiting, the suspense has gone slack. We remain unfunded.

The last weekend was the worst. You could look at the storyhive website and check out the shows according to what was trending. That was exciting because we would show up at number eight. I said I didn’t want to get my hopes up… but my hopes were up. I guess they’re still up.

During the process of promoting our show over this past month I’ve spoken to so many people about it. Everyone loves the idea and lots of people want to be my co-host. Lots. I’ve spoken to generous folks from the industry, people producing their own things and they’ve all said the same thing. “It’s going to happen. You’ll make it happen.”

Most recently, my friend Todd introduced me to Sorin who’s show “Travel By Dart” debuts on Thursday. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it. Each episode begins with a dart being thrown at a map of the world at an event (quite often a charity fundraiser) and wherever it lands, they go. In addition, wherever they go, they do something good for the people in that place. It’s a great idea and it looks beautiful from what I’ve seen.

Sorin was encouraging and talked about the fundraising they had done to get their show made. He also clued me into “The Buried Life”. It’s a web series about four friends who each made a bucket list of 25 items. They put their lists together, bought a bus and hit the road, filming all kinds of antics. The videos are on youtube and are about two to three minutes long. Check them out. They’re great.The other thing these four friends do is to help other people complete an item on their own bucket lists. It’s pretty cool.

I haven’t talked to Mike since we found out we are out of the storyhive, but I’m nonetheless inspired. Putting The Dirt On Wine out there in the world was awesome. It got a lot of people talking about it and I was offered an insane amount of encouraging words.

I used to love this line from They Might Be Giants… “If it weren’t for disappointment, I wouldn’t have any appointments.” It’s funny, but I don’t feel like that. I feel like every little let down is just another step on the staircase to success. Unless we don’t keep going. Unless we allow some outside thing to decide whether or not we can do what we want to do.

I want to make this show. I want to see it to fruition so that the world can see wine in a new light. No more snobbery. No more exclusive language. More fun. So don’t worry! We are still on the road to making The Dirt On Wine (the show) and as determined as ever to bring it to you. Maybe just a little later than we had hoped.

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