Yesterday was a very productive day. I made meat sauce, cleaned out the fridge and took down all the Christmas paraphernalia… with the help of my son and his girlfriend. Through it all I was thinking about what would make a good wine pairing with the sauce

I’d been thinking specifically about this bottle of wine that had been languishing in my cellar. It’s of uncertain origin only because I haven’t left myself a note on the label reminding me who gave it to me or where I got it. This is a trick I learned from my parents. They entertained alot and were frequently given bottles of wine as hostess gifts. Their idea was to write on the label the name of the friend who gave them the wine and then to call those friends when they opened the bottle.

At any rate this bottle provides no such clues. My mom came by so it was  a perfect opportunity to open something nice for her. It was:

2006 Underraga Founder’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

The colour was a deep garnet and the nose, on opening, gave up wet clay, cedar, dark earth, cep mushroom, black currant, blackberry, moss and juniper. It was a big mouthful of dried fruit, cassis and dirt. Wide open tannins, balanced, even acidity and juicy dark plummy fruit. Absolutely at its’ peak. So happy I opened it! …an hour late it’s drenched with aromas of rich cassis, sun-dried earth and snap-dragon. Likely unavailable for purchase anywhere.

After dinner, I thought Prosecco was in order and I had just bought a new brand to try so I was excited. I shouldn’t have been. It was corked. I swear, either I have really bad luck or there is alot of corked bubbly out there these days.

I went in to my newly cleaned fridge and grabbed a bottle of Prosecco given to me by good friends over Christmas. I said a quick, hopeful prayer that it would not be corked and opened it – or at least tried to, The cork became stuck about a third of the way out and I couldn’t budge it. Luckily I have strong sons so I handed it over to the youngest, encouraging him to try to turn the bottle and rock the cork out. It was really stuck, but he managed, It was:

Lamarca Prosecco DOC

Tough to open! Clear straw with very fine perlage. Aromas of melon, toast and honey, apricot and tangerine. Crisp palate of bright citrus and mellow honey’d notes. It’s got great acidity with floral and fruity highlights and an excellent finish. Wonderfully elegant and satisfying.

So that was my day in wine. Hope you had a good one!

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