Having this week off has been great! It’s given me the opportunity to taste several wines on my own and last night was no exception.

Thanks to my friends at Enotri, I had tried La Tordera’s Saomi Brut Prosecco which I liked enough to put on the Culina list. I have to admit I liked the price too. Oh yeah. I also like the fact that the Vettoretti family from Valdobiaddine have been making wine there for three generations. Their passion for natural winemaking is reflected in the fresh expression of their wines. All the grapes are picked lovingly by hand and the wines are naturally low in sulfites.

My most recent adventure with La Tordera began at City Cellars, my neighbourhood go-to wine store. They have a great selection of bubbles which are naturally my go-to wines. Being a fan of pink wines, I was drawn to the bottle of La Tordera Gabry. There is very little information on the bottle so I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into. Anyway, what I did get was:

La Tordera Gabry Vino Spumante Sparkling Rose Extra Dry

Light peach hue with a fine, even perlage. Cream of Wheat on the nose with brown sugar and notes of dried apricot and honey’d almonds. Bright acidic attack with good firm bubbles. Dry, tangy, earthy palate that leaves sweet notes of wild strawberry on the lips while somehow maintaining a dry, even finish. Interesting. Lovely. $

A little online searching and I discovered more about this little gem. It’s a blend of one of my favorite red grapes (Merlot) and the indigenous Incrocio Mazoni 13.0.25 which is a cross between the local Raboso and Black¬†Muscat. No wonder it was such an enigma! I’m left wondering still how the palate perceives a dry firm and subtly delicious wine, while the lips are treated to a slightly sweet and tart wild strawberry flavour. It’s a little bit crazy… and a whole lot of awesome!

Now this is a little unfair because I also tried, over my holidays, another great sparkling rose, but I didn’t make any notes. The wine is the Organic Villa Teresa Rose Veneto Vino Frizzante.

The bottle is wonderful. It has its own, easy to open ceramic closure and included the following notes:

“An intriguing fizzy rose made from a selection of organic grapes grown in the Veneto region. Bright and limpid rosy in colour, this refreshing wine offers a delicate smell of violet and nice hints of strawberry. Medium bodied with crisp acidity, it matches with fish appetizers, pasta, cheese and acidulous fruit like apple, melon, kiwi. Excellent for aperitif time!”

I agree with all of the above, but I promise to revisit this wonderful wine and give it my full attention when I do.

In the meantime, I’m going to encourage everyone not to shun our little pink friends! If you can get over your prejudices and perhaps bad memories of pink wines from the eighties, you will be rewarded with bright, refreshing, delicious wines like these two.

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