Before I head back to work tomorrow, I want to write about one last wine from the Organic section of my local wine store. I’m drawn to the wines of Chateau de Brau. Their “Pure” line of single varietal wines have been available in Alberta for some time and I’m always surprised when people haven’t tried them.

The vineyards and winery have been N.O.P. certified and the owners implemented organic practices in 1989. From the wines I’ve tasted, the winemaker seems to have a love for single varietal wines and a knack for bringing out the best in them. Last night I got to try:

2010 Chateau de Brau Pure Cabernet Franc

Mid ruby hue. Fresh cherry, sandy beach, roast beef, strawberry, red currant and delicious apple and mint aromas play on the nose while softer notes of blueberry and fresh pastry show up in the background. Fresh, splashy (mouth-watering) attack of black berries, red plums and pomegranate. The palate develops earthy notes of date and dried fig with clear notes of saskatoon berries way back in the mouth with a long, drawn out finish and a chewy, lasting tannic impression. Delicious.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you go find these wines. After sampling several different single varietals under the Pure label, my love of the south of France is renewed as is my faith in organic wine making.

The fact is that you will find bargains all over the south of France and for me, it’s just a bonus when the winemaker is using organic or natural processes. So don’t be shy about bargain shopping! You don’t have to pay through the nose to get a good, naturally made wine.

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