Now that the holidays are fully over and January is half done the reps are starting to come back to BiBO. Last week Warren came up from Calgary to taste through a few different wines. Warren has a really good palate and an equally good sense of humour so he’s always fun to taste with. This time we had:

Monterra Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Family owned and operated and farmed with sustainable practices, Monterra is new to me so I was very pleased with this Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a clear pale straw colour with a grassy green nose of grapefruit, sweet lime and orange blossom. The big tangy attack is bright and intense with hints of lime peel. It’s pretty but also powerful with a long sandalwood finish.Nice.  +769046 $ Good deal!

Cuvee Balthazar Viognier 2013

From Minervois this clear pale golden Viognier offers nots of orange blossom, lime peel and a minerally undertone. (I know that’s what I said about the last one, but that’s just how I smelled it!) Soft, dry, crisp attack. The palate is serious and firm with good fruit and a perfect balance of acidity. Super stylish and refreshing. Elegant and fine. +785901 (6 packs) $-$$

Le Petit Balthazar Rose of Cinsault 2013

Light clear peach. Light mineral, forest notes with highlights of creamy apricot. Dry bright attack. Keen acidity and tangy fruit. Light and fun with a serious finish. A real wine geek’s wine. This is one of the Balthazar’s family of lighter, low alcohol (and fewer calories) wines that don’t sacrifice on flavour. Look for it. +752181 $ Insane value!

Monterra Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2013

Clear light ruby hue. Hazelnut, orange cream, wild cherry and an earthy parsley note on the nose. Slick, dry, earthy attack. Full palate coverage that evolves to lovely elegant fruit and wide, broad acidity. Great structure. Good and grippy. This is Pinot with staying power. This finish is way back of the palate and does not stop. +769032 low side of $$ Get it!

Ca del Monte Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso 2007

Ripasso is the technique used when the skins of grapes which have been dried before pressing (Appassimento – as is done for Amarone) are saved in order to ‘re-pass’ another wine through them typically gathering extra depth and complexity. This Ca del Monte is an excellent example of Ripasso.  Glistening mid ruby hue. Just budding Lavender and Hyacinth! Smells like spring!! Freshly turned earth, cherry blossom and juniper all neatly knit together. I also get caramel just on the boil with hazelnut and Chinese five spice. So complex! Dry, earthen attack that opens to peek-a-boo fruit and wonderfully chewy tannins, notes of cigar smoke and tulips. Just crazy goodness, A little bit of the clean stable. Oh! …but there’s even more! The finish is long and mysterious and ever-changing. I think I’m in love. +754452 $$

Cuvee Balthazar Minervois Syrah 2011

Produced using partial Carbonic Maceration (when grapes are fermented inside the skins usually resulting in big fruit and softer tannins) The colour is deep purple. Smells like blue kool-aid! Black raspberry, blueberry, a bit of menthol, the smell of my saddle in the car and a good clear lake in the morning. Serious firm, juicy attack. Not sweet, but refreshing, like fresh blueberry juice. Well integrated tannins. Perfectly balanced and super elegant with a meaty finish. It’s a sophisticate. +743747 (6 packs) $$ Another great deal!

So with that tasting, we’re back in the swing of things and will be posting more notes on a very regular basis. Happy tasting!


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