Four Whites To Get You Through The Rest of Winter

Last night the bar was quiet. It was one of those times when happy hour is unpopulated and then guests began to dribble in one or two at a time. Luckily, I was saved from boredom by my good friend Brett. Brett is a great wine rep and she has a great portfolio and a knack of focussing on a few wines at a time, pinpointing areas where my selection could use a boost. Last night was no exception. We tasted:

Franz Haas Pinot Grigio 2012

Intense clear medium straw hue with a greenish highlight. This wine comes from a family owned winery with a long history of excellence. Pineapple, coconut nose with lemon/lime and a bit of mandarin orange. There’s a floral note I can’t identify with hints of honey playing hide and seek in the background. Clean crisp attack. Lovely rich fruit on the palate that sinks in and stays there. wow. it’s a big mouthful of chewy delicious fruit with a balanced acidity that lifts it far above ordinary. ❤ +718662 $$ So good.

Suavia Soave Classico DOC 2012

Clear bright golden hue. This wine is produced by a family of three sisters who all work together to produce bio-dynamic wines that harken back to their traditional roots. This wine has a salty, earthy, light pineapple and lemon nose. Big bitter almond attack backed by pretty fruit and dense, even acidity. Great finish and length. Dry and fresh with an elegance missing in some more commercial offerings from Soave +749826. $$ Silky and delicious.

Suavia Monte Carbonare 2012

Single vineyard Soave dressed in an old school Trebbiano bottle (slightly squat with broad shoulders). Bright, sparkling greenish gold. This wine is reputed to age 8 – 10 years. It has pretty floral notes of hibiscus and sunshine after a rainfall …and I smell fresh egg nog with nutmeg. Creamy firm attack of bright fresh acidity and fruit that drips down the outside back of the tongue. Lush rich palate with a touch of bitter almond and loads of great minerality that lingers on the long baked apple finish. ❤ +719847 $$ This wine will arrive in Alberta in mid spring so look for it then… will also be available at BiBO then too. 6 packs. Brett’s right. It is a sexy wine!

Villa Mathilde Greco di Tufo Tenuta di Altavilla 2013

Villa Mathilde is an old favorite of mine. They produce old school Italian varietals and they do it so well. You can find their Falanghina on the list at Culina. Anyway, the Greco di Tufo is a clear golden green. Pretty floral nose of white mini carnations, nutmeg and peony. Notes of star-fruit and persimmon. Silken dry attack that opens to lime peel and earth. The wine is heavy in the mouth with acidity and a minerality that sneaks into the spaces between the teeth. Good and tart, but rich and smooth as well. Lush and good, this wine makes me hungry! +736675 $$ Great great deal. Super good. Look for this wine at BiBO in the next couple of weeks.

So that was my Tuesday night. I hope yours was great too!

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