My old pal Stacey Jo was in last night with an array of wines from Arneis to Riesling. Each one was a gem and it was quiet so we had time to talk about each one and let’s face it. Talking about the wine as you enjoy it is almost as fun as tasting it in the first place!

The first wine was rather a treat as it comes from a long and very aristocratic line of Italian wines. The Cordero di Montezemolo winery has belonged in the same family since 1340. They enjoy a rich tradition of excellence and stewardship of the land. In 2013 they began the process of becoming certified organic with systems in place that bring man and nature in line with one another. They have a good website at

We started with

Cordero di Montezemolo Langhe Arneis 2013

Arneis is named in the Piemontese dialect, “little rascal”  as it can be difficult to grow. It was often used in field blends in  the Barolo region to soften the hard edges of Nebbiolo. As such, it is also known as Nebbiolo Bianco. It was also used in the fields to attract birds with it’s sweet scent thus keeping them away from the more valuable Nebbiolo grapes. At any rate this one was a pretty clear straw colour with a big mineral, lemon on wet stone and baby powder nose with teasing hints of snap-dragon. It offered a brightly acidic attack. Super clean and stony, it refreshes the palate and wipes it clean. +767073 $$ Classy.

Tinhorn Creek Gewurtztraminer 2013

Very light clear straw hue. Rich rose and sea-salt nose. Super aromatic with hints of orange thyme. Fresh dry attack. Lovely flowery fruit and a keen acidity that seems to expand and linger. Very nice. +530675 $

Cordera di Montezemolo Barbera d’Alba 2013

(Back to the aristocrats!) Bright clear cherry red. Aromas of cherry caramellas, green sage and rosemary…or maybe it’s cedar(?) with hints of red currant and anise. Tangy acidic attack that opens to juicy red pomegranate, red plum and stewed rhubarb. This would be so great with fatty meats and really any rich food. +767072 $$ Elegant, lingering finish. ❤

Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc VQA Okanogan 2012

Clear mid ruby hue. Peppery red fruit on the nose with black plum and stewed peach, Good firm dry attack that opens wide to itchy tannins and pretty acidity. It’s a palate stretcher! Very middle-weight and bright. Another extremely versatile food wine. +530717 $$ Good deal.

Nik Weiss Wiltenger 2012 from St. Urban’s Hof

Another age-old estate, owned by the same family for generations, St. Urbans Hof is named after the patron saint of German wine-makers, St. Urban. ‘Hof’ means estate. The Wiltenger Riesling comes under the Nik Weiss label. Nik is the current owner and winemaker of the estate and a very nice man. This old vine Mosel is a clear light straw colour. It offers deeply mineral aromas of motor oil, geranium and wet clay. Bright tart attack with a refreshing touch of sweetness. It’s very tart’n’tinies (if you’re a candy fan). The acidity travels around the palate darting in and out of all the dark corners. Seriously good Riesling that’s also seriously fun. Gorgeous. Just enough sweetness to balance that amazing acidity. +744711 $$


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