Alkoomi. It means,”a place we chose” in the dialect of the local aboriginal people. The place they chose is the most isolated wine growing region in Western Australia. It is also Western Australia’s largest family owned and operated winery and there’s a lot to recommend them.

In an effort to reduce their carbon foot-print, they have installed solar panels on the roof of the winery. They have a wall to wall grass policy to keep on top of weed control, employing sheep in the winter months for maintenance and their minimal spray program has them at a close to organic status.

Tony brought me a few samples to taste last week and I really liked them. We tasted:

Alkoomi Frankland River Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc 2010

Clear light golden green. Hints of petrol, lime, gooseberry and lemon. Tart, open attack. Dense acidity and tangy citrus fruit. Very bright, long finish. Hefty, +725938 $ Great.

Alkoomi Icon Wandoo Semillon 2006

Pretty light gold hue. Definite notes of petrol, tangerine, lime peel, and baby powder. Dry hefty attack with bright fruit and super tart acidity. Long drawn out finish that reminds me of the SweetTarts candies of my childhood. Great…especially for food. +723931 $$

Alkoomi White Label Late Harvest  2013

A blend of Riesling, Semillon, Verdelho & Viognier. Clear light gold. Pretty pepsin or menthol notes on the nose with white jasmine and sea salt. Round fruity attack that opens to gentle acidity and evolving fruit flavours. Refreshing and light with a long pretty finish. +769403 $ Great deal. Super fun.

Alkoomi Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Plush dark ruby. Dank notes of blackcurrant, dried tobacco leaves and menthol. Dry nearly bitter attack of velvet tannins opening to impressions of dried blackberry. Finishes very dry on the mid palate and lasts a long long time on the outer edges and back of the palate. Another great food wine, it begs for a fat roast of beef with yorkshire pudding. +716835 low side of $$

All in all a well focused, wonderful tasting. I’m looking forward to trying their white and black label Shiraz’ Hey. you can’t have everything all at once! Will keep you posted,

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