I taste a Christmas Gift

Franciacorta. Why haven’t more people heard of this sparkling wine? A blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco, this wine is made according to the Method Champenoise or Metodo Classico in Italian. This, as you may know, is the process of encouraging a second fermentation in the bottle by adding sugar, yeast and yeast nutrients to the existing wine and sealing it with a bottle cap. This process produces alcohol and carbon dioxide and as the carbon dioxide is not allowed to escape, it is trapped in the wine as perlage, otherwise known as bubbles. The other great by-product of the traditional method is that once fermentation is complete, the yeast cells die and as the wine ages the yeast cells split open, spilling their innards into the wine giving it it’s wonderful, classic, yeasty flavours and aromas. Non vintage Franciacorta can be released after 25 months of aging on the yeast while Vintage Franciacorta must wait 37 months. In either case the wine develops wonderful complexity and lovely fine perlage.

My great pal Brett gave me a bottle of the Cuvee Bellavista Franciacorta for Christmas and as I was making a special dinner last night featuring the kimchi her husband made, I decided it would be the perfect time to open it. It was!

Cuvee Bellavista Franciacorta DOCG

I made a few notes on the back of a lottery ticket. Clean straw aroma and colour. Green grass, yeasty toast and butter. Deep clean attack drenching the palate in acidity, dripping with fruit. Thirst quenching and drying at once. God’s Teeth! It’s delicious. With notes of sandalwood, citrus and spice it entices.

I have no cspc or price as this was a gift. All I can say is, “Go out and get it no matter what the price!”

Today I have a small glass and it’s still crystal clear straw, but now I smell vanilla pudding, salt and tangerine citrus. There are floral notes too making it smell a bit like a sunny spring day after some rain. It has a beautiful big fresh attack of sandalwood, citrus and sea-salt that finishes with a superb minerality. ohh. The finish is long and just as I felt last night, the wine is thirst quenching but also thirst enticing. In a way, the minerality strafes the palate leaving you craving that lovely salty citrus edge so you must have another sip. Mmm. My mouth is watering. ❤

If you have yet to try Franciacorta, let this be the one you start with.

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