A few surprising Canadians

On Tuesday, SJ was in with a handful of wines for me to consider. As always, the wines she brought were wonderful. We tasted:

Township 7, 7 Blanc 2011

Township 7 is known for their sustainable farming and commitment to elegance and expression of terroir achieved through french varietals. This little number is a blend of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris. It showed a bright golden green colour. The nose expressed oily, floral lime and tangerine notes. It offered a super tangy attack with a bright, fresh fruit mid palate and a nutty, savoury aftertaste. Delicious and fun.+114553 $

Township 7 Chardonnay 2012

Bright golden green hue. I smell Kraft dinner(!),fresh corn, nectarine and sweet pea. It has a big smoky attack firm acidity and buttery smooth fruit. Gorgeous. Way over-delivers. It tastes like first-rate California Chard. 740565 low side of $$ Rich and delicious.

Summerhill Biodynamic Merlot 2012

Clear ruby velvet hue. Stinky, edgy nose of black currant, blueberry and dirt. It’s got a big earthy attack. Big fruit with hints of salted caramel and firm open tannins. Earthy long finish with lovely sophisticated fruit on the mid palate. +631655 $$ Surprisingly delightful!

Sierra de Tolono 2013 Tempranillo from Rioja

Another biodynamic wine. This one is cold fermented capturing the essence of the fruit. It’s a pretty clear satin ruby hue with a fresh warm caramel nose. Smoky, sexy dark fruit like blackberry, currant and plum. It smells of clean-cut wood and a sunny garden. Big dense, dark attack. Strafing tannins carry the sour cherry fruit along with hints of black licorice. Absolutely delicious and long long long, +759805 low side of $$ Well and truly under priced. Teeth achingly good. Fun ❤

Township 7 Merlot 2011

Sparkling ruby satin. Spicy fruit pie nose, cooked blueberry and nutmeg notes along with wild thyme and red plum. Silken fruity attack with chewy, aching tannins. Dry strafing mid palate with a long, inky deep finish. Wildly delicious and long. Hello Canadian Merlot!! +735474 $$ A toothstainer!


Quinto do Infantado Ruby Port

Deep velvety, ruby hue. Pretty Christmas fireside aromas of dried cherry and black plum. Thick and delicious. Wonderfully fruity with perfect levels of acidity. Super high quality wine. +730582 $$

This wine was so delicious, we decided it was a shame that more people didn’t drink it. So, we created a soon to be classic cocktail of 2 parts prosecco to one part ruby port and a dash of orange bitters. Enjoy!


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