as my notebook is missing for now, I’m live blogging Hayley’s sales call

lost my notebook so i’m live blogging hayley’s visit…please forgive any mistakes… this is just how it happened.

Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria docg 2012

nero d’avola and Frappato blend. glistening mid ruby hue. ooh! bright strawberry kool aid nose, spicy cinnamon notes and baked cherry pie. no oak.Soft warm attack that opens wide quickly to broad band acidity and fresh red fruit. gorgeous and fun. mmm silky and wonderfully flavour ful. fave.

+715818 6 packs $$

Bruno Rocca Barbera d’Asti 2012

Deep ruby velvet hue. soft baby powder nose, undertones of raspberries and blackberries with a hit of black licorice. great curves! Lush dark attack that opens to a dark, sandalwood scented basement full of wonderful things to discover… flowers, fruit sky and earth. the story goes on and on. extremely good wine. +726657  $$

Arnaldo Caprai Montefalco 2010

sangiovese, sagrantino, merlot. perfect mid ruby with a hint of garnet. Sweaty, salty nose with notes pf black plum and cassis. intense, scrapey, velvet attack. it literally eXPLodes on the palate. organic, the new green revolution. 12 months in oak… absolutely amazing. not to be missed! +476879 $$

Jorio Umani Ronchi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2011

good deep ruby hue. fresh cut red plums, blueberry and lilac. silken dark attack. beautiful chewy fruit that stains the palate leaving a sweet, fruity ghost on the lips.8 months in new and old oak adds to the spectre like nature of the wine. it is earthy and weighty in the mouth but throws up pretty little hints of flavours and aromas. LOve this wine.  +741432 $


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