EHM BEE! M.B. Mary Bailey. The inimitable Ms.M. The She has done it again. In one fell swoop of her pen, the woman behind “The Tomato” has pin pointed another driving force in the local food and wine scene and found a way to bring it to her readers. With a handful of emails she’s corralled a coop full of passionate women all embedded in the local wine industry and captured them in one glorious moment with the help of photog Curtis Comeau (twitter@CurtisComeau) and Iconoclast Koffehuis on 105th Avenue.

Imagine the scene. The Koffehuis  9:00 a.m. Drving sleet. A wood fire burns in the stove. Sixty some-odd women descend. There’s steaming hot coffee and a table full of sparkling wine bottles in various states of dissarray. Each woman attending is a specialist in their own corner of Edmonton’s burgeoning wine scene. There is a lot of talk and even more hugging.

Our photographer was up to the challenge, herding us (like cats as @saysyrahsirah said) barely interrupting all the excited conversations. He was carefully building an image, literally sculpting the moment.

It was great. We’re rather an illustrious group. I think Mary said we represented 500 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the wine biz.

We have seen each other over the years through innumerable techincal and casual tastings and wine shows. We have tasted some of the world’s greatest wines together and shared experiences with rareties that most mortal beings can’t imagine.

I can’t wait to see the fruit of this day and I’m so grateful to Mary Bailey. Only she could pull it all together so quickly and seamlessly, mixing business with fun and bringing all the latest of what’s happening on the Edmonton Food scene to anyone with a minute to spare in virtually every coffee shop in the city. The Tomato has been serving Edmonton foodies for years featuring the buzz on our local scene and bringing gourmands and the latest trends deliciously together in one well rounded periodical. http://thetomato.ca/

check out the shoot! 

Kudos Ehm Bee! Can’t wait to see the #meninwineyeg… 😉

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