Tell Me About Yourself

You might know that I’ve been working on a show called THE DIRT ON WINE for the last couple of years of my life. The quest to get the show made is, in fact, what inspired this very blog!

Well, there have been some developments and some pretty serious interest in the project. Yesterday I had a Skype interview with an L.A. casting director. “Just a fun conversation” is what she told me in our pre-interview communiques and that’s just what it was… a fun conversation with a really bright, interesting lady, interrupted only by the ringing of my phone (crows calling) which, for some reason, I simply could not shut off. That part was embarrassing since my sound is always turned off so I hadn’t even checked in advance of the interview.

Skype is a little bit strange. It’s hard to have a normal conversation when you can see yourself on-screen. Early on I decided not to focus on my own image and to just focus on her and try to be myself.

How do you respond when someone asks you to tell them all about yourself? She was a good interviewer. She asked how my friends would describe me. But in spite of her skill, I still forgot to tell her the weirdest things about myself. Like, that I smell everything. When I’m cutting food or planting flowers, I smell each thing and I try to remember each aroma for my personal scent library. I taste different soil types, lick rocks and inhale deeply of their scents.

I forgot to tell her how I hope to eliminate wine snobbery. How I wish I could let everyone know that, when it comes to tasting wine, you can’t be wrong! I want everyone to be wine explorers…adventurers unafraid to taste any and all wine! I want every wine drinker to develop their own way of tasting and note taking to help them remember what they like.

I know we talked a little bit about how a wine is a lot like a person. It’s a product of the time and place that it’s from. It can’t help it. Just like us. For instance, I will always be a suede wearing hippy chick from 1970’s Toronto. I’ll always be crazy about horses and I will always love funky music because that’s what I grew up with.

I wish I’d talked more about how I think that wine growers are such a good example to farmers everywhere. There’s a huge trend toward organic and bio-dynamic wine and as that movement grows, it might encourage farmers everywhere to become stewards of the land and to farm as naturally as possible.

Most of all I want to take the fear out of wine. I want to eliminate prejudice like,”Oh. I only drink reds.” or “Anything but Merlot.” These statements sadden me because it limits people’s enjoyment.  It prevents them from tasting some of the world’s most amazing wines and more than anything I want people to enjoy the magic elixir as much as I do. See? I should have told her that I think wine can save the world!

Jeez. I wish I’d told her I write a blog!

Most of all, I wish I had asked her about herself! I wonder how her friends describe her. Maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to find out more about her and balance out our conversation.

In the meantime, think about it. How do you respond when someone says, “tell me about yourself.” What are the most interesting things about you? Leave a comment. I’d love to know.

One thought on “Tell Me About Yourself

  1. Well written as always, Dianna – The problem is that as we grow older it becomes harder and harder to answer that question – (“what a long strange trip it has been”) – we are all so infinitely interesting in our own ways. I somewhat cringe at the thought of trying to explain on the spot what is interesting about me – husband, father, obsessive/compulsive about literature, poetry and music, MBA, Journeyman, Board member, Director, student, amatuer – it is “all vanity”, to quote Ecclesiastes. What matters is the effort to keep learning and giving back. Keep up the great work on your blog – it is great work.


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