Following the First Steps of a Great Wine

Try to imagine how busy a wine rep’s day can be. It’s not unusual for them to cart eight or more bottles of wine around to various bars and restaurants in order to maximize their time.

For me, less is more. I bring in somewhere between one and six different wines each week to BiBO, so if a rep brings me twenty wines to taste, I can only choose one or two, seeing as how I usually taste two or three times a week. I always prefer a smaller, more focused tasting to a massive orgy of wine. Tasting fewer wines at once gives each wine a better chance of taking a turn on the shelf at BiBO.

Last week SJ came in to the bar to taste wine with me. She brought one bottle of wine, but it was not just any wine. This wine is the product of a collaboration between two members of different, but equally eminent Bordeaux families. While this is not their first collaboration together, it is their first co-operative effort in wine-making. Their other projects together are their own children.

Claire Villar-Lurton and Gonzague Lurton have been operating separate family properties over the course of their lives and their marriage, but this is their first effort to make wine together.

They took over the property called Trinite Estate in 2012 and to quote Claire, “There is something here that is more than just land. There is a sense of wildness, of life and of purity. It’s not something you can touch, but you can feel it and it is what has convinced us to move our family here.”

To quote SJ, the vineyards sit at the intersection of three valleys, Russian River, Alexander and Knight’s Valley, an area that has been recognized as a great zone for growing white grapes, but for red wine growers from Bordeaux this place is like coming home. The wine they’re growing there (using biodynamic methods) is called ACAIBO.

What SJ had in her hot little hand was the first bottle, of what will undoubtedly come to be known as a great wine, ever opened in Alberta. It was a very tiny historic event!

The colour was a dense, deep purple ruby. Aromas of Lilac and white alfalfa wafted from the glass. It also gave the comforting impression of a warm bed in the morning with notes of wet stone,black currant and black plum.

It’s a wonderful blend of 46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 53% Merlot and 1 (yes one) % Cabernet Franc.

On first taste, the wine gives an incredible earthy, spicy attack where red and black fruit dart playfully around the teeth… but this is serious wine. Each mouthful tells a story. It is dense and mysterious, spicy and downright sexy.

The mouth-feel is beautiful with a long expressive finish. Fabulous. Thrilling ❤ x3!

+770545 $$$

With only twenty cases of this wine in the province, a person might need to do some research to find themselves a few bottles to grace their cellar. I did hear a rumour though that it might be on the shelf at Color de Vino in the coming weeks.

While the price of this wine might seem a bit steep for everyday drinking, I think that a handful of bottles of this wine would be an interesting addition to any cellar. Think of it! In a few years time when the wine world is raving about ACAIBO, you could say, “Yeah, I have a few bottles from the first shipment to Alberta.”

It’s history in the making. All aboard!

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