The Dirt on Attitude

I’ve been struggling a bit lately with my work. It’s been tough interactlng authentically with customers both new and old and I’ve begun to work out the ways in which those troubles originate with me.

Tonight I went into work with a new attitude. Tonight I intended to be more aware that each person I encounter is the God Spirit interacting with me. Each individual is a sacred reflection of the very force that created me and all that I can perceive. In yoga we call it Namaste.

I think truly, that it was one of the best nights of my life as a sommelier.

First, one of my favorite guests showed up. She and I have these very odd and similar insights which lead to odd and wonderful  conversations. On her heals, one of my favorite reps (and ex brother-in-law) arrived with wine to taste which he happily shared with all the other guests at the bar. Then, one of my favorite man guests sat down to join the party. He’s just one of those people with whom I share a particular sense of humor.

As the night rolled on, more and more of my favorites showed up and the room was filled with interesting easy to serve guests who not only enjoyed themselves, but tipped well to boot.

The delicate drizzle outside eventually ceased and the air was damp and fragrant. While nobody actually sat out on the patio, we were able to leave the big window open all night.

Last week, the Bibo Victuals menu became a thing of the past and many regulars were a bit out of sorts over it. Tonight however, nobody was upset! People ordered off the menu and happily noshed away oblivious to the items we used to offer. It was wonderful. Food came and went and I didn’t have to make any of it. Best of all. everyone loved everything. Nothing makes me happier than to see people enjoying good food and wine and (most important of all) good company.

It was a beautiful night for me and as I cleaned up and cashed out I took a minute to reflect on what a big difference it had made to just recognize reality.

I think maybe each living thing we encounter (people, animals, plants and the earth itself) is a unique expression of whatever name you give to the God Force or the Creator. We are fragments of that.

The source is the source no matter what you name it. Neither good nor bad. Both male and female, perfect and flawed. I think we are simply the love of the Creative force expressing and experiencing itself in all possible ways. Everything and the opposite of everything.

Suddenly the world seems bigger and I know that I am related to every other creature and every other thing out there.


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