IVSA Salon Favorites and the Final Chapter in the Stalker Dudie Saga

Last week I attended the IVSA salon with my colleague from Sherbrooke.

We tasted:

The super fun Chronic Cellars Spritz & Giggles – which is exactly how it sounds.

I liked the sustainable, vegan Victoria Park Chardonnay from New Zealand as well as their Cabernet.

Really liked the Argentinian Eggo Sauvignon Blanc and the Eggo Malbec/Cab blend from (Zorzai) utilizing the famous concrete “egg” technology.

The Yalumba Cristobel’s Moscato was great along with Luigi Bosca’s Malbec Terroir Los Miradores.

Mustn’t forget to mention the crazy blue Blanc de Blue sparkling blueberry infused Chardonnay. Tart & fun.

Big love went to the Real Campania de Vinos Tempranillo from Goru. Blackberry, caramel, yum!

We ended with Casas del Bosque Gran Reserva Syrah (91 points from The Wine Spectator) which lived up to its’ glistening reputation. Deep, dark and inky.

Then we ran into Mister Dixon, a regular from when I worked the bar at Bibo. Some of you have read about the stalker dudie from my days at Bibo. It’s a sordid old tale which I thought had ended with our last confrontation in the bar.

Stalker dudie had come in and stayed late to talk to me, angry presumably because he had read the post “Does Stalker Deserve a Second Chance?” I did not name him in the post and only described him vaguely but he had nonetheless recognized himself. Mister Dixon was the only witness that night. Stalker dudie made some rather sordid threats and finally said that he could “go anywhere to be treated like an ass#%$@*”.  I said I thought he should in fact I wished he would. After he left I was disturbed enough that my boys came to stand guard with their friends as I closed the bar that night.

Anyway, at the salon, Mister Dixon asked if I’d heard about “stalker dudie”. I hadn’t so he went on to tell me that stalker dudie was dead.

I didn’t know how to feel. While I hadn’t wished the man dead, it was quite a startling relief to know that he would never make good on any of his threats… that I would never unexpectedly run into him at work or anywhere for that matter.

I waited a couple of days before giving in and ‘stalking’ his obituary. Sure enough he had well and truly expired.

It’s hard to explain if you’ve never experienced this kind of misogynistic menace. On one hand you’re pretty sure there is no real peril, but on some level the possibility of harm is always there. Does the guy know where I work? …where I live? Will he follow through on his threats? Or perhaps he uttered these things so casually that they meant nothing to him while weighing heavily on me.

That’s the funny thing. The ugliness is only really felt by a particular portion of the population. While it can be understood and even reviled by anyone, only females really know the impact on our daily lives. Misogyny may be experienced in making well informed recommendations at work only to be ignored in favor of the opinion of a less experienced yet thoroughly male co-worker, or it can manifest in outright physical threats and abuse by someone bigger than you.

Bit by bit it eats away at a person. In any case I find the prevalence of it shocking in this day and age and (with condolences to stalker dudie’s family) I can’t help but be callously relieved that this particular chapter in my life is closed.




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