Yesterday Mister Brian Allen brought Howard Duncan in from Teusner in the Barossa Valley. I’ve always said “Toos-nerr” but when Howard says it, it sounds more like “Toys-nah”, which I like much better.

They brought four wines to taste with us at Sherbrooke which is fitting since all things Teusner begin with beer.

In 2001 while quaffing some beer, Kim Teusner and Mick Page overheard a couple of grape growers at the local pub talking about ripping out an 85 year old vineyard of Grenache because they could get more money for mechanically harvested Chardonnay from one of the “big guys”. I guess Mick and Kim couldn’t bear the thought of those gorgeous old vines being ripped out by their roots so they offered the growers much more money to keep the Grenache in the ground and sell the grapes to them. Thus Teusner was born.

You can watch a cool short video about that here:

Anyway, initially the guys thought they’d make some wine for themselves and some friends and maybe sell a few boxes on the side but it looks like things got a bit out of hand. They now have excellent friendships with some of the best growers in their region and produce some of the most delicious wines you can find.

We tasted:

Round Two Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 – Single vineyard Barossa Cabernet. Good dried currant nose with pretty floral notes of peony and snapdragon. Hints of stemmy firmness. Generous caramel currant attack with lovely firm tannins and chewy fresh fruit. Gorgeous drinky Cab you could afford to consume every day. +776409  $

Round Two Shiraz 2014 – Big earthy, slightly mentholated nose of meaty black plum with subtle salty bacon highlights. Rich dark attack of plummy fresh fruit on an upright backbone coated in smooth rich caramel . Great firm Shiraz for Barbecue season. +776410  $

Teusner The Riebke Barossa Shiraz 2014 – From the Riebke family vineyards – Super dark glistening ruby hue. Clean dark black plum, hint of eucalyptus and lots of blackberry pie. Big splashy attack. Delicious firm tannins and chewy fresh ripe fruit. Wonderfully elegant Shiraz with the structure of a real player.+757000 $$

Teusner The Independent 2012 Shiraz Mataro – Deep shiny ruby garnet. Spicy sweet inky plum nose. Lovely dark chocolate impression with highlights of black earth and jasmine. Big firm attack, chewy dark tannin and clean bright acidity. Mouthwatering blue berry  and black cherry fruit supported by that beautiful tannic foundation. ❤  +756997 $

l love these wines. I used to pour a lot of the Independent at Bibo because it over-delivered in every way possible. People used to exclaim,”Wow! I sure didn’t expect that kind of elegance from a wine with a cat on the label!” But that’s the thing about Teusner. They over-deliver always in all ways. These guys pay their grower friends well and they make wines with real passion of a quality that most people can rarely afford. Then they turn around and offer these gems to we winos at super reasonable rates.

Lucky for us, the good folks at Teusner want us all to be able to afford awesome great wine every day. So go get some!




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