Last week I had one of the best days ever. I was visited at Sherbrooke Liquor by two of my favorite Canadian wine makers on the same day!

Tyler Harlton (the TH of TH Wines) was up first. It was the first time I’d met Tyler and the first time I had the privilege of tasting his wonderful wines in a professional setting. Up until last week I had only tried the wines socially and had fallen in love with his Cabernet Franc.

Not long after Tyler’s visit Matt Sherlock, the Lock of Lock & Worth and ambassador for the fabulous Nichol wines arrived with a bag full of treats. I know. My job is so hard! I met Matt last year when I was working with Juanita Roos at Color de Vino. That’s when I fell in love with the Nichol Cab Franc.

Anyway, there was no head to head stand-off and I never taste wines against each other but here are my notes from that very fine day:

TH Riesling 2014 – Crazy 9 month ferment! Perfect clear gold hue. Peachy nose of ripe nectarine with savoury undertones of grilled guava. Gorgeous brightly acidic attack that cleanses the palate. sinks in and goes on and on. This wine tells a real story in your mouth. Absolutely gorgeous. Bone dry and mouth-watering. ❤

TH Rose 2015 – Bright & sparkling clear peachy salmon hue. White chalk, strawberry and black licorice nose. Wild fresh fruit attack that’s lovely and round yet bright with great acidity. Wonderful. The perfect wine for your Charcuterie platter.

TH Pinot Noir 2014 – Bright light mid ruby. Gorgeous old world nose. Bright cherry jello notes and earthy, dirty highlights with hints of salted caramel too. Splashy fresh attack that opens wide to fresh cherry fruit and firm soft tannin. Great all palate coverage that really sticks. ❤ Love.

TH Cabernet Merlot – 2/3 Cabernet Franc 1/3 Merlot/Malbec. Silken edged velvet ruby. Salt caramel nose of sweet red fruit, red plum and currant with meaty savoury notes. Elegant lean yet somehow round attack. Pretty and muscular at once. ❤ ❤ More love.

Not long after this short but very sweet tasting, Matt showed up with

Lock & Worth Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 2015 – Pretty light clear golden hue. Sweet spicy nose of citrus and melon. Clean bright chewy attack. Wonderful long finish. (sigh)

Lock & Worth Knorr Valley Semillon (not available) – Clear bright gold. Full lees in barrel! Salty nose of rich bright stone fruit. With a rich almost seaweed character and saline acidity, this wine finishes with a true lemon pith impression. ❤

Nichol Pinot Gris 2015 – Great slightly stinky nose of rich mushroom and quince. Big round licorice attack of bright fruit and acidity. Creamy and juicy at once. Coincidentally I had this with the Three Boars’ amazing house made charcuterie on Saturday and it was THE perfect match! Love ❤ Available at the best wine stores.

Cotes du Rhone Adele 2012 – I know… but Matt is promoting some wines he fell in love with in Europe so we all benefit. Bright clear gold. Stinky, smoky nose of lemon and salt. Fresh round attack of tart melon fruit and butter. Salty lemon pith finish. Love

Catavela Emiglia Romana 2013 LBC  – From high altitude, cool climate vineyards of Marsanne, Ortugo and Malvasia this is a magical wine.The nose is stinky juniper berry and grapefruit peel with floral notes peeking in and out. Matt says,” flowers in a gym locker”! It has a bright, savoury lemon thyme attack with stony dry acidity. Something mysterious about this wine. Lovely long sunny finish. Crazy ❤

Cotes du Jura Chardonnay 2009 from Arlay – Four years in barrel. Clear medium gold. Fresh autumn leaves early in fall. This winery started in 1475 so they’re pretty much getting it right. Pretty notes of lemon on the nose followed up by a lemony tart attack and a super savoury finish of roast mushrooms. Wonderfully elegant and perfectly quirky. ❤ ❤ ❤

Cotes du Jura Pinot Noir Trousseau & Pousard – Clear light ruby hue. Light spicy nose of baby powder and sweet plum. Super fun savoury attack of lean plum fruit with long even tannins and wonderful bright acidity all in perfect balance. A dream. ❤

Back to Canada…

Nichol Pinot Noir 2012 – Perfect mid ruby hue. Classic mushroomy cherry fruit. Unfined, unfiltered, basket pressed. Lush fresh attack of restrained cherry fruit carried on an elegant bed of silken tannin. Super graceful Pinot from old oak barrels. Long elegant finish with sweet cherry notes playing hide and seek on the finish.

Lock & Worth Merlot 2015 – 5 days on skins, neutral oak, natural ferment. Gorgeous nose of Rhubarb pie, tobacco and weed. God. Gorgeous ripe attack of black and red currant  fruits with a super cranberry-like finish. Love this! ❤ ❤

Lock & Worth One Cabernet Franc 2014 – Pretty clear mid ruby purple. Blackberry salt caramel nose. Lush fruity attack that rides on velvet smooth, achingly sweet tannins. Great wine from clay and sandy soil. Heart-breaking it’s so wonderful. Big love ❤ ❤

Nichol Syrah 2012 – Glistening black cherry jello hue. Smoked black plum fruit nose where blueberry and blackberry arm wrestle for supremacy. A hint of cardboard too which I love. Giant lean attack of chewy, plummy fruit. Savoury and meaty too it plays “Marco””Polo” amongst the taste buds and then finishes super smooth and even. Amazing. ❤ ❤

It was a great day and everybody wins! Thanks to the heavens for allowing me to meet up with two truly great wine makers in one day. Just blessed. That’s all I can say.


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