Say Good-bye to Summer

I haven’t written for a while. It’s been two months since my last post and that is almost inexcusable considering the wonderful things that have been happening to me in my work life.

Since I last wrote here I have had many tastings with my rep friends who visit on a regular basis at Sherbrooke Liquor. There are so many reps to see that I’m now booking three weeks in advance!

I’ve also had an infected tooth, a tooth extraction and a horrific reaction to antibiotics. All of which I am now over. But in the middle of all that dentistry drama I was tasting wine and wondering,”Why do people keep bringing me aggressively acidic wine?”.

It wasn’t them. It was me. The creepy itchy rash had crawled into my mouth and removed several layers of my palate. Nothing tasted good. Nothing felt good and on top of that I had to SPIT all the wine I tasted.

Lucky for me, the wine gods let me recover before the Friends of Andreas Bender got together at Kitchen by Brad last weekend. A handful of loyal fans of Bender wines were invited to a casual meal accompanied by Andreas and his beautiful wines. The food was exceptional and the atmosphere was super casual. I went home feeling full and spoiled.

Today’s treat was the Henschke / Riedel tasting at the Edmonton Golf & Country Club. This was a more formal, technical tasting where Justine Henschke spoke about each wine as we tasted them out of the proper Riedel stems and the kitchen sent out small plates of food to pair with wines.

While the wines in the line-up all bore a true family resemblance, each individual wine opened to reveal very distinct characteristics. They were all downright sublime but I fell in love with the Henry Seven. I normally publish my notes, but for now I will just say, “Find this wine”. We will be bringing some in to Sherbrooke in the next week or so if it doesn’t sell out before I can order. It offered an alluring nose of sweet pea flowers  and spice when I first tasted it, but it opened up to a full on blueberry based symphony by the time the tasting was over. (With thanks to Anatole for the blueberry).

I love technical tastings and will never miss one if I can help it.

So now, summer is coming to a close and my writing holiday is over. I’m excited to taste all kinds of new wines and I’m excited to be writing again.

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