I’ve been experimenting lately with bottles that are in unsaleable condition. Who hasn’t opened their cellar and discovered a cherished bottle has been leaking.? It’s disappointing, but the results of my experiment are encouraging.

I wrote about one of the first damaged goods here: https://thedirtonwine.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/schild-estate-moorooroo-2010/

because I was so surprised and delighted at the outcome.

My hypothesis was that many bottles that get returned to retailers are perfectly fine. So I have been opening and tasting leakers and damages wherever I find them.

There were a couple of truly dead wines in the group but finally more than half the bottles we tested were good. Some were not so good (like a certain Shiraz that shall remain nameless) a few were even remarkable.

Like what I’m tasting now:

Peter Lehmann Eight Songs Shiraz 2009 – Dense velvet dark ruby garnet. Wet forest aromas of violet on an ethereal violet, eucalyptus silk carpet. Plush squashed black fruit of all kinds play hide and seek with dark chocolate notes making this one of those wines that you just cAn’t stop sniffing. Big juicy attack of mouth-watering tart blackberry fruit that stings a bit and introduces sexy wide open velvet smooth tannins. When it comes down to it, this wine finishes like good dark chocolate. It’s pretty much heaven.

Some say that Eight Songs is the feminine counterpart to Peter Lehmann’s Stonewall Shiraz. If she is a woman, she’s a muscular strong combination of ballerina and belly dancer.

Oh yeah and by they way? Ain’t nothin’ damaged about these goods.


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