Established in 1842, Langmeil Winery believes they have the oldest known surviving Shiraz vineyards in the world. Imagine what faeries and pixies you might find there! Not only that, but the winery itself lay derelict for years until three friends resurrected it in 1996 and named it after the original village.

That sounds like some kind of good Karma to me. Anyway, yesterday Ryan brought Mister James Lindner, Family Proprietor of Langmeil Winery to Sherbrooke and we were lucky enough to taste:

Langmeil Three Gardens  2013 SMG  – Dark velvet ruby. Wet clay nose of plush black currant and spicy plum fruit and baby powder. Mellow smooth attack of really dark red and black plum fruit. Keen acidity, velvet tannin and a lovely expressive finish. +709091 $

Langmeil Valley Floor 2013 Shiraz  – Super dark ruby/plum hue. Lush purple nose of spiced Christmas pudding. Hints of red plum and currant. Plummy attack of rich dark fruit. Wonderfully elegant balance of fruit/acidity and tannin. Amazing meaty finish.  ❤  +564450 $$

Langmeil Blacksmith 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon  – Very dark ruby. Great menthol nose of black currant and tobacco. Grippy attack of chewy tannin. Great fruit and balance, wonderful length.   ❤   $

Langmeil The Fifth Wave 2009 Grenache  – Mid ruby/garnet hue. Very clear. Big clay nose of bright wet fruit. Silken attack of red plum fruit, strawberry and sunshine. Awesome balance and lovely bright length. +719092  $$

Jackman’s Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard 2014. “35 Year Old Vines” sticker. Dark ruby velvet. Big menthol nose of juicy black currant fruit. Gorgeous rich nose. Unbelievably rich attack of lush black fruits and a minty chocolate finish. pLUSH!   ❤   ❤  omg! +737152  $$$

Langmeil Orphan Bank 2014 Shiraz  – From “Survivor” vines. These are vines between 70 and 90 years of age. Dark ruby hue. EArthy dark nose of rich plum and a hint of manure. Silky sweet, smoky attack of stinging dark fruit. Absolutely fabulous!   ❤   ❤   Love love love this! +737151  $$$

Langmeil The Freedom 1843 2014 Shiraz from 125 Year Old Vines – From the oldest surviving Shiraz vineyards in the world. Glistening shadowy ruby hue. Meaty coffee nose of chocolate and manure and deep forest cedar. Sweet spiced character of dark tobacco notes. Silken attack of wildly expressive fruit, velvety tannin and tart wonderful complexity. Absolute genius.   ❤   ❤   ❤   Love this. A real treat. +564476  $$$

I must say that for a winery with such a rich history and such old vines, there is a real freshness to Langmeil Barossa wines that carries on throughout the line. These are wines to respect yes and even to revere but in truth, they are wines to drink. These are perfect wines to enjoy with good food and good company, virtually guaranteed to raise spirits.



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