The Thing I Like About Wine


The thing I like about wine is that it grows blindly, not knowing the name of the country or state where it grows. It grows regardless of the religion or moral mythology of the people tending it.

Vines draw the very blood and bones from the dirt allowing wine to express its’ time and place of origin without implying that other times and places are somehow inferior.  It ferments, bubbling faster and hotter as yeast and sugar collide.

Wine is ignorant of gender. It doesn’t care about your sex but it may at times influence your sex life.

It offers solace and distraction from all the emotions on the scale without ever judging if one’s wound is bad enough for application.

One of my favorite things about wine is that it treats every person the same and yet each taster’s impression of what they’re sensing will be different and often revealing of character. Does the person tend to express like or dislike for what’s in their glass? What words do they use?

We might all let our assessment of what’s in our glass remind us that variety is the spice of life and that it’s much more enjoyable to focus on the positive attributes of whatever it is we’re judging than to run down the list of negatives.

We are all who we are because of the places we’ve grown and the storms we’ve weathered, but the words we use to describe our experience influences the atmosphere around us. We may  be drawing thunderheads around ourselves with our oaths.

Finally though, the best thing about wine is that it has the power to bring people of all races, creeds and colours to the table as kin to enjoy the mysterious and nourishing fruits of the Earth together.

My hope is that whatever politics and mad events swirl around us, we may articulate the best possible future and  like vitis vinifera the world over, we are able to express the best of ourselves with equanimity.

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