It’s been a whirlwind of a year here in sunny Alberta. We are diving head first into the future like a bat outta hell. Who knows what will happen? 2016 has been a maelstrom.

Heroes have stepped up and heroes slipped away this year. Senseless wars continued and Mother Earth threw us some curves too. This year will be known as the year that all decorum was finally abandoned in politics. It’s all simply awesome to me. I feel a little bit like a honey bee flying into a storm.

Which makes me wonder how we humans keep afloat with all the tragic, violent heart-breaking news pounding at us all the time? How do we endure watching all the suffering and being unequipped to help? This year it hit home somehow especially.

I stand in awe at the current state of humanity. We are witnessing the extremes of all things and somehow we are surviving. People are capable of enormous acts of kindness in the face of the monstrous. Every human story these days is epic.

More than ever 2016 made me thankful for being born in North America.

With this toast I pray for the day when every human being will be allowed to live and thrive in peace and harmony as much as or more than we have been able to survive here and now.

In this time.

I offer this toast with:

Champagne Egly-Ouriet, Les Vignes de Vrigny Premier Cru, Issu de vignes de Pinot Meunier, Situee sur le Terroir de Vrigny, BRUT – Clear bright straw hue. Impressions of toast, almonds and honey’d apricot. The attack is clean and crisp with a yeasty tang that sticks to the tongue. It’s everything I want in Champagne: tart lean acidity that makes your teeth itch and dense earthy bright fruit that compels every next sip. All that rests on razor sharp perlage which stings a bit when you let it rest on your palate.

Oh I love Champagne. The back label says:


This Champagne is the expression of a “family” style that comes first and foremost from perfectly tended vineyards. The quality of grapes, the precision of blending and long “elevage” in the cellar allows us to offer you pure non-filtered Champagne in the purest Champagne style.

Time on yeasts: 36 months

Date of disgorgement: JUILLET 2016




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