I was downtown this afternoon for a sip and savour tasting at Chop in the Sutton Place Hotel. The Peter Mielzynski Agency hosted the event to showcase the Emiliana wines currently available in Alberta.

On hand were Fernando Pavon the Export Director for North America and Noelia Orts the winemaker at Emiliana. Fernando kindly explained each wine as I tasted and we discussed some of the different techniques used in the vineyards and cellars. It was fascinating to learn more about this wonderful house from such a charming man.

The kitchen at Chop did a great job with the food pairings.Each dish presented with each wine was obviously carefully considered and prepared so the matches were downright sublime.

Coyam was the last wine of the afternoon and we sell quite a bit of it at Sherbrooke Liquor, but I had never tasted it before.I was excited to try the 2013 vintage with the winemaker herself! Noelia is full of passion for her work and wonder at the beauty of nature. It’s no wonder all of her wines are so fabulously expressive delivering plenty of lush fruit and intense minerality.

We tasted:

Emiliana Sparkling Organic 2014 – A pale yellow hue with fine persistent perlage and a wonderful toasty nose of tropical fruit jam and brioche. On the palate it has a fresh dry attack of bright fruit with a balanced acidity that lingers in the nicest way. +775240 $

Adobe Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2016 – Glistening pale yellow/green. Wet stone aromas of citrus, cantaloupe and apricot. Satin smooth attack of fresh citrus fruit balanced by gorgeous minerality. +775240 $

Nova S Chardonnay Reserva 2014 – Clear golden hue. Clean, bright nose of fresh buttered corn on the cob with hints of melon and peach fruit. Weighted attack of muscular fruit and perfectly balanced, lean acidity. Wonderful mouth feel with a long deep finish. +762433 $

Emiliana Signos La Vinilla 2015 – Clear mid gold. Layered nose of stone fruit and melted butter with a hint of man-sweat. Amazing attack of slick fatty fruit that just sings across the palate. I love this. Only 4700 cases made. A great blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne from Casablanca, fermented in cement ‘eggs’.Unique and delicious.  +740605 $$  ❤

Adobe Syrah Reserva 2015 – Dark mid ruby hue. Pretty blackberry nose of wood ash and wet clay. Chewy lush attack  of fresh black plum that swoops across the palate and lingers in all the nooks and crannies. Simply delicious.+5801 $

Nova S Gran Reserva Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 – Deep ruby purple hue. Super elegant nose of red and black berry fruits, wet clay and the sea. Gorgeous big splashy attack of lush intense fruit that virtually flowers on the palate. Long even velvety finish. Wonderful depth and complexity.Fermented in Stainless steel tanks with 10 -12 months in barrel and 8 – 10 months of bottle aging prior to release. +741465 $  ❤

Coyam 2013 – Intense dark ruby with violet highlights.Meaty nose of  dark plush plum fruit with hints of black dirt and sugar cookies.. Luscious attack of chewy black and red plum and blackberry fruit. Coyam is named after the Oak trees that surround the vineyard where this amazing blend is grown. +727518 $$  ❤  ❤

All the Emiliana wines are bio-dynamically grown and carefully harvested. I know I’ve said it before and I will most likely say it again, but I swear Wine is going to save the world! Emiliana demonstrates in the best way that it’s possible to grow wines of this high level of quality using the principles of bio-dynamic farming and if it’s true in commercial wine-making, it may be true for commercial agriculture in general.

I look forward to the time when organic farming is referred to simply as farming.

Come check out our selection of Emiliana wines at Sherbrooke Liquor. You’ll be glad you did (and you’ll be helping to change the world!)




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