Piemonte is to me one of the most beautiful places on the planet and home to some of my favorite wines. The first time I visited Piemonte I was amazed at the food and wine culture and by the wonderfully generous people who I met there.

The landscape looked like something out of a fairy tale with narrow roads winding around rolling, rounded hillsides lined with vineyards. The roadsides were dotted with tiny churches and the air smelled cool and sweet. It was so enchanting that I wondered at the time if I should perhaps move there.

Last week I was invited to taste the wines of the family firm Mauro Molino Viticoltore from La Morra in Piemonte. How could I refuse?

Stacey Jo and Francesca Conti had a short and sweet line-up waiting for me. We tasted:

Mauro Molino Barbera d’Alba 2015 – Gorgeous and round in the mouth but also tense with bright upright minerality. Very juicy and super drinkable with intricate compelling layers of exotic scents and fresh flavours. +757553 $

Mauro Molino Barbera d’Alba 2013 – A treat that is no longer available but brought for a comparison to show how the wine develops over time. This one was dreamy and floral, chewy and ever so slightly more astringent than the ’15. Beautiful.

Mauro Molino Barolo 2012 – Super pretty nose. Floral with tropical notes of stone fruit and papaya on a bed of wet stone. This wine is fabulous. It has an insanely bright attack with a silken velvet mouth-feel that carries a basket full of dazzling rich fruit. It has to be said that this Barolo is unlike some that need years to develop before they are at their best. This one will last without a doubt but it is wonderful to drink right now.+757552 $$  ❤  ❤

Mauro Molino Barolo ‘Conca’ 2011 – This is the sparkling diamond of Mauro Molino. It was the first wine they produced in 1982. The Nebbiolo grapes for ‘Conca’ grow in the oldest and smallest vineyard in the Barolo area. It is named Conca because it’s a natural amphitheatre shaped like a Conch shell. It has a rich nose of shoe polish and leather. It smells like polishing my riding boots on a sunny day. There are notes of clean swimming pool and warm lemon with violets and black licorice. I wrote,”No words. Warm open impression of love and heaven. The fruit is earthy yet round and it ends up being completely indescribable. As it opens it’s all fresh garden tulips.”(Four ❤ s)

What can I say? Sometimes a wine is simply a complete experience. The aromas throw you gently back to a specific moment in your life and the encounter is profound. I was moved by this wine. In fact I was thrilled by the whole line. These wines speak of a time and place in the world that provides a magical little window of respite from the ordinary.

You will be able to find them at Sherbrooke Liquor late next week.










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