The Flower That Is Born After The First Rain

Have you ever wondered why there is no Mexican wine? Grapes are grown all over North & South America but when we think about wine, Mexico gets left out of the conversation. I set out to find out why.

I discovered that there is only one guy when it comes to Mexican wine in Alberta and that guy is Juan Carlos. He arrived carrying a bag full of gems and a heart full of enthusiasm. Monte Xanic are thought by many to be amongst the best wines of Mexico.

The website: is a testament to friendship , life and nature. The name Xanic comes from the Cora Indians who still inhabit regions on the Pacific coast of Mexico and means, “flower that is born after the first rain”. It’s perfect for Spring!

I was excited to taste Mexican wine for the first time and my fervor was rewarded.

Some of what we tasted:

Monte Xanic Chenin Blanc/Colombard 2015 – Pretty mid gold. Enticing nose of savory herbaceous roast pineapple. Lovely expressive attack of long lingering fruit. Juicy. +784404 $

Calixa Rose Grenache 2015 – Meaty nose of spiced, dried fruit. Intense fresh attack of solid, balanced, bouncy fruit. Dry and crisp. Delish. +785451 $   ❤

Monte Xanic Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2014 – Sweet spiced nose of light fisted dark berries. Plush attack of  mouth-watering, insistent flesh. Yum.  +784417  $

These wines are perfect on their own or better yet, shared with friends. In my imagination though they are on their hands and knees begging to be paired with food. If you invite them over for your upcoming Easter meal, I’m certain they will be most rewarding guests. At least they’ll be mouth-watering guests!

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