It has been an amazing journey. It started with the surprise of Marc offering an educational trip to a few of the buyers who shelve some of his exceptional brands. With the support of my wonderful employers at Sherbrooke Liquor (with the proviso that I blog daily so our partners might also benefit from the educational factor) I found myself on the trip of a lifetime visiting small and large companies with real dedication and integrity.

Over & over we heard the wine growers talk about organic and sustainable growing. They spoke about the fact that many of them live very near to their vineyards and have committed themselves to the health of the plots, their workers, their families and of course the planet in turn.

To a one they had things to say about climate change. Most are seeing bud break at least two weeks earlier than normal which leaves them vulnerable to the bitter frosts that have become an issue in early spring. They’re having to harvest earlier and over a longer period of time which affects their bottom line.

The other thing they had in common is their unwavering kindness and hospitality. We stayed in some gorgeous places and were wined and dined beyond any imagination. It seems that beautiful people make beautiful wine.

I’m excited to get back to work and to get some of these gems on the shelf at Sherbrooke so you might be able to try them too. If you’re in the store and want to buy any of the wines I’ve written about here, please don’t hesitate to ask for me and I will take you on a tour of the suppliers we visited.

My new fantasy is to build a tour for interested guests. Maybe ten days, one or two regions at a time with longer stays built in to really explore each place. It would just be so great to share in all that I’ve experienced here.

Let me know what you think!


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