Wow. It’s almost a week since returning from the most amazing wine adventure any person could have imagined. I’m trying to assimilate into my real life and it’s been fun.

I’m reinvigorated with excitement about bringing quality products at reasonable prices to our guests at Sherbrooke. The Undercover Wine tasting on Saturday was all South of France gems that I had either discovered or rediscovered in the previous weeks.

Our guests were surprised at how approachable and delicious the wines were. We spoke about the perception of French wines as out of reach and snooty versus the reality of the delicious, reasonably priced wines we found in front of us. That’s the best possible response from my perspective as the blind tastings are all about having fun while discovering wines you might never have tried based on personal bias.

Aside from the obvious benefits at work, I’m happy not to be living out of a suitcase and I’m really pleased to be able to spend time with my loved ones.

I do miss the French way of eating so I’m adjusting my shopping accordingly. I get a fresh baguette every other day or so and I’m looking for a recipe for the tart apple compote that seemed to accompany every breakfast in France. I’ve always had a good piece of cheese in the fridge as a matter of course so that hasn’t changed but the price of the butter I want to eat has definitely gone up! I found a nice grass fed local butter that fits the bill. At the very least, breakfast is much more inviting than pre-France.

My enthusiasm for cooking has ramped up too so that every night when I cook a meal I find I have enough for an army! That’s okay though. It gives me lots to share and I can freeze the leftovers for weekday lunches.

So the practical parts of life are more enjoyable but the glamour is beginning to fade. Every day during the wine adventure I found myself saying “This is my life!” That’s unavoidable for a wine geek who thinks that lunch at Cheval Blanc or an invitation to JP Mouiex’ office party are the height of the good life and I never want to lose that feeling.

I hope it’s just the beginning. I’m letting the universe know that I’m full of appreciation and open to new and exciting adventures. If the cosmos is listening, I can say for sure that the good life will never be wasted on me.


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