Thursday was a busy day.

We had a small delivery that needed to be put away and I had a full afternoon of meetings with reps for tastings. On a normal day when I’m taking meetings I will see between 2 to 4 reps in an afternoon and that can mean tasting from twenty four to thirty six wines.

I was in the middle of my first meeting of the afternoon when one of the partners came in to say that there was a rep claiming to have a meeting with me at 2:00. I knew right away what had happened. I’d had an appointment that didn’t show up on Tuesday at 2:00 and they were showing up now. At the same time I was needed at the front tills to take some payments on outstanding invoices.

So I left the tasting room and spoke briefly to the rep letting him know he’d actually scheduled for Tuesday and not Thursday then went to the till to take payments. In the middle of doing that, the man who had come from out of town introduced himself and left. I could tell he was upset but there was nothing I could do. His rep followed him asking if they could come back later and I had 4:00 free so I told him that.

I finished up my 2:00 tasting and was on the floor helping guests. One in particular stood out because he was a retired gentleman looking for wine that was both cheap & good. Luckily that’s our specialty so I showed him around the store and we filled his cart.

My 3:00 appointment was with another rep and his supplier from Australia. She was an absolute treat and we chatted away like old friends while tasting the wonderful wines she had brought with her. They were lush and velvety and very expressive of the Barossa from whence they sprang.

I mentioned how much I love to assist guests in choosing wines that are right for them and she admitted to eavesdropping on me and my retired guest and being impressed. That felt pretty great. We agreed that there is nothing like being able to help someone enjoy wine at their own comfort level.

At 4:00 the rep who had shown up at 2:00 in error returned with his supplier who turned out to be a very nice man from Lebanon. I apologized for the misunderstanding and he graciously said, “Let’s not speak of it again.” which we didn’t. What we did do was taste through his wines currently available in Alberta. They were outstanding. Silken smooth with pin point balance. Fresh and very drinkable. (I mean guzzle-able but that sounds crass.)

We talked a bit about Lebanon and its’ fabulous food and he showed me a clip of (my hero) Anthony Bourdain at their winery. You can watch it here:

We also spoke about their Arak which we should be getting in Alberta this summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So it looks like on Wednesday of this coming work week we will have a few new wines including from Australia and Lebanon and I couldn’t be more excited about them.

You never know what your day is going to hold at good old Sherbrooke but you can be sure there will be ups and downs and that in the end you’re going to more than likely have some exciting new wines to share with guests.

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