Wine Masters Season 2 Episode 1


The name stands alone in the world of wine. Angelo Gaja steadfast knight of Barbaresco,  legendary Piemontese wine maker.

Klaas deJong has opened the door into one of the most revered houses of wine in Italy for his Second Season of Wine Masters..

After the grasp of France in Season One I’ve been excited to see what treats could be in store for Season Two. Episode One is beginning on a high note.

Here we gain access to the world of the Gaja Family of wine makers in Piemonte in Northwestern Italy. The rolling foothills are a painterly backdrop for the artistic approach to storytelling achieved here.

With dexterous editing and spectacular use of sound, the first episode of Wine Masters gains the viewer entree into wine-geek heaven.

There are so many gems to take away from this episode. From views on climate change to clonal selection,  wine lovers will not be disappointed. The viewer feels like both a fly on the wall and a trusted family friend.

Best quote? “Great wines are an expression of terroir and vintage, but also too of personality.”

Viewer warning: You will be tempted to eat delicious food and drink very good wine while watching this Episode.


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