This week I got a surprise invitation to The Cave Paleo restaurant for their second themed dinner. SJ called to say she had an extra ticket so I could hardly refuse.

I’d never been to a Paleo restaurant nor did I know anything about the Paleo diet, but in a nutshell I guess the diet consists of foods that humans may have consumed during the Paleolithic era. It includes most meat, some veg and fruit but nothing with wheat flour.
Intriguing… so I set off to be educated.

The Cave is housed in a clean modern welcoming space all in dark shades and wood tones. The walls are gorgeous clad in tiles of cement stained drywall. We were welcomed with a cold glass of Ma Tere Rose from Provence and had some time to chat with our table mates before the meal commenced.

As I looked around I gathered that The Cave also specialize in Gluten free breads and pastry. I made a mental note to tell all my GF friends.

Flightless birds was the theme of the meal so once seated we began with a lovely smooth Turkey Rillette garnished with tiny snips of fresh chive. The rose was perfect. A crisp complement to the starter.

Seared Ostrich was next on a fresh Rocket salad accompanied by Villa Ponciago Beaujolais Villages. I always find Ostrich quite rich so the fresh fruity Gamay was a perfect foil for meat and greens. Look for this wine come September at Sherbrooke!

The star of the meal had to be Coconut fried Chicken. With its golden crispy crust of coconut flour and arrowroot it was resting on an elegant Ponzu slaw and supported by a no corn cornbread. As if it weren’t already fabulous, SJ is had paired it with Wolfberger’s Grand Cru Riesling Eichberg from Alsace, It was a sublime pairing, each component making the other shine.

You may have noticed that the birds are getting progressively smaller and so it continued… Grilled Cornish Hen laid on top a generous dollop of Romesco sauce was enhanced by an accompanying Persillade. Very tasty especially when eaten with Domaine de Terre Blanches Sancerre Rouge from the Loire Valley.

The fifth course was a fig preserve glazed whole Quail with Cauliflower sage stuffing, well supported by the Romain Duverny Cotes du Rhone Villages. This is such a sexy wine. It’s has a beautiful perfume and an earthy sandalwood note that is really compelling.

As you may be aware, no meal is complete without dessert and we were treated to a trio of house made sorbet, the best of which was surely the strawberry, but that’s just me.

If you have any misgivings about an entirely gluten free meal, have no fear. The Cave has got you covered! I don’t know if any of the wines we had are on their list but if not, seek them out! It’s well worth the effort. They range in price from $18 to forty dollars and they deserve a place on your table. Paleo or not.

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