2007 Volnay… The Beginning of The End

2007 Volnay… The Beginning of The End

Volnay is one my favorite communes in the Cotes d’Or. It was one of my first favorite wines. They are silky, elegant Pinot Noirs with a depth and complexity that bely their light nature. Because of that I always pick them up when I see them at a reasonable price. I found this one a few years back and stuck it in the cellar to await the perfect evening.

Yesterday I made the Momofuko roast pork shoulder for Ramen and served it on a kale salad with carrot ribbons in a sesame oil, maple syrup & apple cider vinegar dressing. Since the whole family was home and I was unsure how long my little Volnay might last, I decided to pair the pork with my precious patient Pinot.

The best of Volnay, are the premier cru or designated single vineyard wines. (There are no Grand Cru Volnays.) This one had no such designation, but promised to be at the very least a pretty nice Pinot Noir. It was.

2007 Patriarche Pere & Fils Volnay

Clear light garnet hue. Meaty nose of vanilla and clay with subtle hints of saskatoon berries and pork belly. Bright acidic attack with clean notes of cherry and sour red currant. It has a long finish that lingers on the molars. It’s dry and chewy with great elegance and a perfect match for the salty, fatty pork.

With four of us drinking, the wine didn’t get too much time to open up, but it was certainly the right time to open it. The fruit had thinned out a bit, but what was there was vibrant and clear.

With the last few bottles I’ve opened from my modest cellar and all the health scares my family have endured of late, I’ve come to a conclusion. Since none of us know how much time we get on this beautiful planet and nobody knows how long each wine will last, I’m going to drink my cellar! With a few exceptions, I intend to open up the wonderful treats that inhabit the small dark space in the basement and enjoy the crap outta them! As usual, I will bring you along for the ride and offer my notes and impressions as well as food pairings.

I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I’m sure that I will.

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