The Royale Treatment

Brian came in this week, excited to bring me one of his wines to taste. It’s from the venerable Koyle Family Vineyards in Los Lingues, Alto Colchagua. This family has six generations to follow in the wine-making tradition in Chile and have developed their own Bio-dynamic vineyards in Los Lingues. Their wine-maker travelled abroad for seven years studying wine-making in California, Australia, France (at Ch.Margaux no less!) and Argentina before returning to Chile to hone his skills at Koyle.

I’ve had some of the Koyle wines on the bar in the past and they are wonderful wines to sell. Besides having the feel good factor of being Bio-dynamic (they are one of only three certified Organic and Bio-Dynamic wineries in Chile) they are rich expressive wines with so much character that they keep getting better and more expansive the longer they’re open. This one should be on the bar next week.

Koyle Royale Carmenere 2011

From very old vines, the production is equivalent to one bottle of wine per single vine. 87% Carmenere, 6%Syrah, 7%Cabernet Sauvignon. It looks like black ruby velvet ink. It has an inky deep nose of sea salt, black coffee, black currant, dark chocolate, clay and black olive. The dense, dark attack of dense fruit stains the tongue and leeches the white off your teeth. It’s a stylish mouthful of even, well balanced fruit, velvet smooth tannins and dense, even acidity. Exceptionally elegant and long lasting. Beautiful finish. +762265 (6 pack – wooden box) The wine-maker here brings Old World sensibilities to New World wine-making. Oh  yeah, in case you’re interested, the Wine Spectator awarded this wine 91 points.

Come and get it! ❤

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