Wine masters Season One: Episode 1

I’ve got to dive in here. Just let ‘er rip.

It should be said first that, in my humble opinion, making a show about wine leaves a person open to so many possible avenues of attack that it could be one of the riskiest endeavours any person could hope to be involved with.

Many are the episodes of banal “wine”television I have endured as a wine lover. It’s the very reason I have been so rabid to produce my own show. So when Winemasters first came to my attention I thought, “ oh no.”

With trepidation I pressed play on episode one. “Guigal”.

To many, this name conjures romantic images of a French family business with gardens that Marie Antoinette might have wandered and ancient vines growing on slopes once farmed by Romans. …and they’d be right.

Klaas de Jong has captured the magic. With his first episode he peels back the lid on many aspects of the wine business not the least of which is grape growing. Farming… and a little alchemy.  He has woven the many threads that complete the tapestry of the world of wine including an empathic eye on family businesses.

I watched and rewound to watch again and then it dawned on me. It’s the first show about wine that I have seen that doesn’t make me cringe. It’s exciting. It’s the first wine show I’ve seen that has me itching to see what’s next. It’s a little like how I felt the first time I saw Mind of a Chef.

There is no choice but to heartily recommend to anyone even remotely interested in wine and beautiful imagery and breathtaking scenery that they seek out Winemasters on Vimeo. There is so much to be had here.

Best Quote? “Wine is stable. People are not”.


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